On January 26th of this as part of the monthly security meeting held by the Cia. Mining

HIGHSERVICE was recognized for outstanding performance to the Management of Occupational Safety and Health, whose achievement is reflected in the display of zero accidents to people and uneventful potentialcustomer assets.

The occasion was highlighted by one of our partners of the operation Mr. Juan Geraldo Technical SupportSpecialist for their commitment to the Occupational Safety and Health.

No doubt that this achievement is the result of joint effort and teamwork of Technicians, Supervisors andAdministrative committed to the value that the family stands HIGHSERVICE whose slogan is “Security is not apriority is a value.”

Safe behavior shown during the course of 2011, will be the floor for our actions in the new period 2012.

In the field of Occupational Health in our contract is a pilot Healthy Eating monitored by professionalnutritionist, whose purpose is to improve food and nutrition situation in order to prevent and managecardiovascular diseases that limit the quality of life of workers and the productivity of the company.

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