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BHP highlights MIRS robotic solution

The company is a subsidiary of the HighService Corp holding, specializing in maintenance, technology, robotics, engineering and construction services for mining and heavy industry.

One of the largest mining companies in the world, BHP, published a report on MIRS´s Trommel Palmettes Robotic Manipulator  , which is installed and operative at Minera Escondida.

The robotic solution from MIRS performs, automatically and remotely, the replacement of the Trommel palmettes during programmed shutdowns of the SAG mill, improving the safety and productivity of the operations in the maintenance tasks.

“The robotic arm has benefits for safety and productivity. Workers are removed from potentially dangerous situations by changing the meshes of the trommel and also reduces the time of change of each mesh, “says Susan Lasecki, Head of Commercial Innovation, BHP Minerals Americas.

MIRS -Mining and Heavy Industry Robotics- is a leading Chilean company in development of robotic applications for the mining and heavy industries.

The company is a subsidiary of the HighService Corp holding, specializing in maintenance, technology, robotics, engineering and construction services for mining and heavy industry.

Review the BHP report:

Get to know the giant robotic arm of Escondida – an example of open innovation

To see how the robot works, click here

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HighService Corp presented a portfolio of technological applications at Mapla-Mantemin 2018

The subsidiaries HighService Technology and MIRS announced emerging technologies in mining equipment maintenance and its impact on operations productivity and safety.

The participation of this innovation companies of the Chilean holding HighService Corp during the International Mining Maintenance Congress: Mapla-Mantemin 2018 attracted a great interest. These are the subsidiaries HighService Technology, specialized in technological solutions, and MIRS, leader in robotic solutions for mining and heavy industries.

Both companies unveiled their emerging technologies in mining equipment maintenance and its impact on tasks productivity workers safety. HighService Technology and MIRS have a proven track record in the mining market, with technological and robotic solutions operating in the main sites of Chile, Peru and the United States.

Predictive maintenance of blade valves using wireless sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms

As experts in technological innovation, HighService Technology has designed different sensors that are capable of measuring, with decimal precision, variables that affect the operation of mining equipment.

On the occasion, Faviola Molina, leader of the Artificial Intelligence Area of HighService Technology, presented the advances in the SensoValv device. This sensor identifies the state of opening or closing of guillotine valves, in addition to feeding algorithms of artificial intelligence that are the basis of the predictive and preventive system of failures.

“We have built several models that are based on real field data and simulations that run in our laboratory based on a network of physical models. At the moment, we have managed to predict the failure of a valve with a level of certainty over 82%. If you apply this system in the valve, you would obtain an additional availability of almost 40 hours a year”, explained the executive.

Robotic grinding maintenance SAG

For its part, MIRS gave an account of the work carried out with KUKA Robotics for more than 4 years, during which time it took on the challenge of bringing robots to the mechanical maintenance of SAG mills.

“We show the progress made in field tests in Antofagasta, from stage one, with a 40-mill SAG mill trommel on a real scale. We present a comparison of times, between the current situation of manual works versus the automated robotic process of changing palmettes”, said Mario Yañez, mechanical development engineer from MIRS, who detailed that the benefits of implementing robotics in this type of repetitive tasks are enormous.

“A standard of uniform quality in the installation of the palmettes is achieved, a drastic reduction of the times in global terms and an improvement of the safety and occupational health conditions in the operation, eliminating physical risks overloads to the workers”, said the MIRS specialist.

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HighService Service won maintenance contract at Zaldívar

To offer spot support services, support and maintenance in plant.

Compañía Minera Zaldívar (CMZ) has just awarded a contract to HighService Service to provide support services during shutdown operations in the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and lubrication disciplines.

The service includes the dry areas (primary crushing, secondary crushing, tertiary crushing and stacking), as well as the wet area, the re-management and the Negrillar pumping stations. It also contemplates providing support in maneuvers with mobile and static equipment.

At the launch meeting, both companies agreed that the main goal of the service is to perform the work safely.

“We are very satisfied and proud that Minera Zaldívar has placed its trust in us as an integral and almost exclusive company for the development of these delicate operations,” says Óscar Jiménez, general manager of HighService Service.

HighService Service is a company of the HighService Corp holding, with extensive experience and recognized track record in Integral and highly specialized Maintenance, Assistance and Technical Services. Committed to the security and quality of their services, HighService Service works with Operational Excellence thanks to the development of its human capital and the incorporation of new technologies.

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HighService Service will provide spot services in Sierra Gorda

To provide maintenance in different processes of the concentrator plant.

A contract to provide spot maintenance services in the plant has just been awarded to the HighService Service company in Sierra Gorda SCM.

The service, which will begin in October, includes the assets of the dry and wet areas in the Mechanical, Structural, Electrical and Instrumentation specialties, and includes preventive, corrective maintenance and improvement activities in the concentrator plant of the mining operation.

Likewise, HighService Service will provide support in the major maintenance during the plant’s detention, and the services of preparation, execution and subsequent housekeeping.

HighService Service belongs to the HighService Corp holding, formed by four companies that provide specialized services to mining and heavy industry in general, with the aim of improving and preserving the safety and productivity of its clients through innovation and operational excellence.

Sierra Gorda is the largest open pit mine that has entered operations in the Antofagasta Region in recent years. It is a project of KGHM International (55%), Sumitomo Metal Mining (31.5%) and Sumitomo Corporation (13.5%) which is located in the Atacama Desert, about 60 kms. southwest of Calama.

HighService Service will provide spot services in Sierra Gorda2023-06-05T20:46:57-04:00
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