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HS Engineering and Construction launches new video for communities

HS Engineering and Construction is committed to contributing to strengthen the relationship and trust between mining companies, contractors and local communities, from the early stages of a construction project.

The environment where we develop is affected by the logistics of the tasks, for which, there is a need to strengthen the dialogue with its inhabitants and the degree of satisfaction of these with respect to their expectations.

This didactic video explains our functions, objectives and values, so that the communities know us more closely and can establish deep and lasting relationships: View video here.

HS Engineering and Construction launches new video for communities2023-06-05T20:46:57-04:00

HighService Technology develops self-cleaning sensor that increases copper recovery by 2%

SensoFlot measures the height of the pulp / foam interface, delivering accurate and uninterrupted information.

A technological solution focused on optimizing the performance of copper concentrator plants and other minerals launched HighService Technology (HST), a subsidiary of the HighService Corp holding. It is SensoFlot, a device capable of measuring the height of the pulp / foam interface. flotation cells and that, in turn, delivers accurate information second by second.

The creation, preparation and design of this solution was developed entirely by HighService Technology.

What is SensoFlot?

Javier Bustos, commercial manager of HighService Technology, argues that SensoFlot represents “a technological innovation that marks a before and after in the market”.

Although there is an incorporated offer of digitalization and control systems, concentration-based sulfide operations experience variations in their copper recovery levels, due to several factors.

“This is a critical process that deserves to be optimized to increase efficiency in production, improve the quality of recovered copper and, therefore, help to obtain greater profitability in the process”, he said.

It is common for conventional sensors, such as measuring buoys, to suffer incrustations of lime and other residues present in the pulp that are typical of the process.

“This causes, for example, man working hours to be used to clean the devices and recalibrate them. In addition, a crust that covers the instruments is produced, and affects its main function corresponding to the interface measurement. In this way, inaccurate reading impacts on the efficiency of the process and the recovery of the mineral”, he points out.

On the other hand, SensoFlot is self-cleaning, therefore, 100% free of maintenance. “It is a submersible electrochemical sensor, without moving parts, which acts with high frequency electromagnetic blows, to release any adhering substance. Thus, it measures the height of the pulp / foam interface with precision and without interruptions. ”

How does it work?

The device has 64 electrodes, that is, 64 levels that it is measuring. SensoFlot has already been tested in cells and flotation columns of medium and large mining companies.

“The tests we have done for its industrial validation, have gone impeccable and with great reliability. Important milestones have been achieved by performing tests in different conditions and different tasks, which have densities that differ greatly between them, in turn with different types of chemical elements and reagents. In each case, the sensor behaved as expected. Today SensoFlot is in validation under the condition of a process carried out with sea water”, he said.

How is the cost-benefit ratio?

Bustos affirms that precisely that factor constitutes the most marked difference, related to the competition. “With the use of SensoFlot in concentrate lines we aim to increase copper recovery by up to 2%, which is a significant figure in production levels”, he said.

It also highlighted that the device is marketed under the modality against result or win-win. “We installed the sensor and agreed a period of 30, 60 or 90 days of testing. If after the agreed period the customer is satisfied and the measurement parameters delivered by SensoFlot are as expected, the transaction is carried out. To all the above, our integral service and 24/7 technical support is added, which implies a complete consultancy, guaranteeing the functionality of the system throughout its validation period, “he explains.

Currently, the company is manufacturing around 20 sensors for different clients.

What are the advantages?

  • Without moving parts
  • Self-cleaning
  • Free of maintenance
  • 24/7 advice and technical support

What results does it offer?

  • It clearly detects the different phases in aqueous solutions and suspensions.
  • Plug & Work device. It can be replaced in a few minutes, without having to empty.
  • Wireless version decreases the amount of cables and channels required.
  • Sensor allows you to transmit your data remotely.
HighService Technology develops self-cleaning sensor that increases copper recovery by 2%2023-06-05T20:46:57-04:00
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