Reducing costs and optimizing safety measures are part of the challenges for the mining industry and its associates. During 2018, MIRS was the protagonist in important milestones achieved in these matters.

The advances in automation and robotization of mining and associated industries are part of the challenges to reduce costs and increase the safety of operations, central objectives of the large mining companies in Chile.

To face these challenges, during year 2018 the mining companies and associated industries have made a gradual technological incorporation that already has achieved some milestones, with the contribution of MIRS.

At the beginning of 2018, MIRS inaugurated the MI Robotic Sampler at Impala Terminals Peru, a robotic application that allows the accurate extraction of representative and incorruptible mineral samples, eliminating error and cross-contamination. The technological solution was highlighted in the year-end event held by the Peruvian company. For this year, Glencore joins in the implementation of robotic technology at Minera Antapaccay and Puerto Matarani.

In March, the former Executive President of Codelco, Nelson Pizarro, came to the premises of the Ventanas Refinery to know in the field the improvements implemented in the Robotic Laminating Machine of Initial Laminates, developed by MIRS.

During the second semester, MIRS received the “National Safety Council” prize, thanks to the effective results in the prevention of occupational hazards, achieving the lowest frequency rate in its category.

In November, BHP published a report on the Robotic Handler for Trommel palmettes of MIRS, for Minera Escondida. This robotic solution allows automatically and remotely the replacement of the Trommel palmettes during scheduled stops of the SAG mill, tasks that were previously done manually.