Development and diversification of services, due to the long relation between both companies.

HighService Service and Minera Los Pelambres established their employment relationship in 1999, through an electrical maintenance contract and instrumentation for the plant, concentrator, molybdenum and tailings that remains in effect to date. In all this time, that is, in 20 years, there has been no accidents with lost time. It is a very important milestone and a strategic pillar of this long two decades of existence working relationship.

The solid link between HighService Service and Minera Los Pelambres, based on responsibility, professionalism and teamwork, has been the main key to achieve this good results and keeping a close work relationship over the years.

According to Mario Arros, Operations Manager of HighService Service, the strategic relationship that Minera Los Pelambres generates with its contractors is unique: “As an operating model, there is no other mining company alike Pelambres. Unlike others, the relationship between the contractor and the principal is very close and that makes a difference, because they treat us as allies and work as a team”.

Thanks to this joint work with Minera Los Pelambres, HighService Service has grown exponentially over the years, incorporating the mechanical specialty in its service offer and added value, with new contracts that include the areas of crushing and transport of coarse ore.