Metso closes the acquisition of HighService Service in Chile

Metso has successfully completed the acquisition of HighService Service, the services division of Chilean mining technology and maintenance provider HighService Corp, which has approximately 1,000 employees.

“This acquisition expands our service offering and our customer base in the mining markets of Chile and the Pacific coast and supports Metso’s growth strategy. We are pleased to welcome our new colleagues to Metso and look forward to offering full support to our clients in the region, “said Eduardo Nilo, Senior Vice President of the Pacific Rim market area and General Manager of Metso Chile. all South America except Brazil.

For his part, Hugo Salamanca, president of HighService Corp, stressed that this operation “reaffirms the great work we all do who we form this company and that has allowed us to be one of the leaders of the sector in the country. From HighService Corp we will continue to bring that high standard of quality and service to other areas of the business, betting especially on engineering and construction together with the incursion in new technologies for the industry”.
The acquisition was announced in January 2019 and was approved by Chilean regulatory authorities in April.


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Metso agrees to acquire the services business of HighService Corp in Chile

Metso Chile press release published on January 2, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. TSE

Metso signed an agreement with HighService Corp to acquire 100% of the property of its subsidiary HighService Service, a leading company in integral, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation maintenance services for mining, which has operations in Chile, Argentina and Brazil, and with 1300 employees.

The acquisition is pending regulatory approval from Chilean authorities and is expected to close during the first half of 2019.

“This operation supports Metso’s growth strategy and will expand our service offering in the important mining markets of both Chile and Pacific Rim. We are very pleased to welcome HighService Service and we hope to offer more complete support to our current and future clients in the region “says Eduardo Nilo, Senior Vice President of the Pacific Rim market area and General Manager of Metso Chile. Pacific Rim covers all of South America except Brazil.

“As a company we have worked hard to be leaders in maintenance services and this transaction is a recognition of our successful career. At HighService Corp we will continue to develop our global leadership, focusing on engineering and construction and the development of technologies in the field of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence, where our company has been a pioneer and has achieved important achievements with the seal of excellence and innovation that has characterized us throughout our history, “comments Hugo Salamanca, President of HighService Corp.

HighService Service

HighService Service (HSS) is a subsidiary of the holding HighService Corp, with extensive experience and more than 20 years of recognized trajectory in integral maintenance, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, specialized technical assistance and remote monitoring of ring motor drives. Based on the development of human capital and the incorporation of new technologies, HSS provides security, quality of service and operations of excellence.

Metso is a leading industrial company in the world that offers equipment and services for sustainable processing and the flow of natural resources in the mining, aggregate, recycling and process industries. With our unique knowledge and innovative solutions, we help our clients improve their operational efficiency, reduce risks and increase profitability. Metso is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki in Finland and had sales of approximately 2,700 million euros in 2017. Metso employs more than 12,000 people in more than 50 countries.

Metso agrees to acquire the services business of HighService Corp in Chile2023-06-05T20:46:56-04:00

HighService successfully recertified ISO and OHSAS certifications

The external company Lloyd’s Register carried out the audit process.

The ISO certifications are fundamental for the continuous improvement of the companies and to differentiate competitively in the market, since they are directly linked to the elaboration of products and execution of processes or services.

They work as a guarantee mark that gives security to the clients and prestige in the market.

To comply with the regulations that require renewing and maintaining these certifications on a regular basis, during the month of March HighService participated in an external audit process, coordinated by the Head of Quality, Rocío Montecinos, along with the external company Lloyd’s Register.

“The auditors verify compliance with the regulatory requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007, through audits in the management area (headquarters) and selected contracts. Once the audit is done, they determine the re-certification of the companies “, explain the executive.

The purpose of this process is to verify compliance with the requirements that the standards require and to keep the certifications in the following areas of action:

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.

ISO 14001: 2015, Environmental Management System.

OHSAS 18001: 2007, Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

In this audit process were evaluated the headquarters and some critic processes. The result was a successful re-certification in the following scopes:

HighService Corp: Management and Corporate Management Services, Finance, Public Prosecution, Commercialization and Business Development.

HighService Service: Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation Maintenance Services.

HighService Engineering and Construction: Construction and Industrial Assembly Service.

HighService Technology: Design and Production of Technological Solutions for Mining.

“We are proud of having successfully renewed the ISO certifications, which allows us to continue offering our customers services and products with high standards of quality, safety and protecting the environment in each of their processes”, concludes Rocío Montecinos.

HighService successfully recertified ISO and OHSAS certifications2023-06-05T20:46:56-04:00

HighService Service and Minera Los Pelambres: Zero lost time accidents in 20 years

Development and diversification of services, due to the long relation between both companies.

HighService Service and Minera Los Pelambres established their employment relationship in 1999, through an electrical maintenance contract and instrumentation for the plant, concentrator, molybdenum and tailings that remains in effect to date. In all this time, that is, in 20 years, there has been no accidents with lost time. It is a very important milestone and a strategic pillar of this long two decades of existence working relationship.

The solid link between HighService Service and Minera Los Pelambres, based on responsibility, professionalism and teamwork, has been the main key to achieve this good results and keeping a close work relationship over the years.

According to Mario Arros, Operations Manager of HighService Service, the strategic relationship that Minera Los Pelambres generates with its contractors is unique: “As an operating model, there is no other mining company alike Pelambres. Unlike others, the relationship between the contractor and the principal is very close and that makes a difference, because they treat us as allies and work as a team”.

Thanks to this joint work with Minera Los Pelambres, HighService Service has grown exponentially over the years, incorporating the mechanical specialty in its service offer and added value, with new contracts that include the areas of crushing and transport of coarse ore.

HighService Service and Minera Los Pelambres: Zero lost time accidents in 20 years2023-06-05T20:46:56-04:00

Automation and robotization as a key factor for the development of the mining industry

Reducing costs and optimizing safety measures are part of the challenges for the mining industry and its associates. During 2018, MIRS was the protagonist in important milestones achieved in these matters.

The advances in automation and robotization of mining and associated industries are part of the challenges to reduce costs and increase the safety of operations, central objectives of the large mining companies in Chile.

To face these challenges, during year 2018 the mining companies and associated industries have made a gradual technological incorporation that already has achieved some milestones, with the contribution of MIRS.

At the beginning of 2018, MIRS inaugurated the MI Robotic Sampler at Impala Terminals Peru, a robotic application that allows the accurate extraction of representative and incorruptible mineral samples, eliminating error and cross-contamination. The technological solution was highlighted in the year-end event held by the Peruvian company. For this year, Glencore joins in the implementation of robotic technology at Minera Antapaccay and Puerto Matarani.

In March, the former Executive President of Codelco, Nelson Pizarro, came to the premises of the Ventanas Refinery to know in the field the improvements implemented in the Robotic Laminating Machine of Initial Laminates, developed by MIRS.

During the second semester, MIRS received the “National Safety Council” prize, thanks to the effective results in the prevention of occupational hazards, achieving the lowest frequency rate in its category.

In November, BHP published a report on the Robotic Handler for Trommel palmettes of MIRS, for Minera Escondida. This robotic solution allows automatically and remotely the replacement of the Trommel palmettes during scheduled stops of the SAG mill, tasks that were previously done manually.

Automation and robotization as a key factor for the development of the mining industry2023-06-05T20:46:56-04:00

A&CA is awarded for the fourth consecutive time contract with Codelco’s Chuquicamata Division

The service considers technical assistance and support to the Chuquicamata A2 Concentrator Plant and personnel training for the electric drive operation of the ring motors.

A & CA was awarded for the fourth time in a row the contract “Technical assistance service Gearless SAG 16 SAG 17 and Fifth Mill Concentrator Management”, with Codelco -Chuquicamata Division.

It is a service with a high level of specialization in the three Siemens GMD technology drives of the A2 Concentrator Plant in Chuquicamata. It consists of providing technical assistance and support to the concentrator plant in the activities of planning, inspection, fault diagnosis, repair and training of personnel related to the operation of the electric drive of the Ring – Mill SAG and Quinto Molino Motors.

The execution of the service requires a high standard of quality and efficiency, in order to ensure the operational continuity of the concentrator plant. It includes in field programmed technical assistance tasks; emergency care, to assist the solution of an unscheduled failure; technical Hot-Line support, to assist technically-remotely- the solution of a failure or unscheduled work; staff training in the field; and technical cleaning of the ring motor if necessary. Additionally, it includes the external cleaning service and sealing of the rotor and stator.

A&CA is awarded for the fourth consecutive time contract with Codelco’s Chuquicamata Division2023-06-05T20:46:57-04:00

HighService Service win electrical support and maintenance contract in Codelco´s Ministro Hales division

The company consolidates its presence as a service provider in DMH, expanding its operations to the electrical systems of the mine and plant.

HighService Service recently won a new contract with the Division Hales Minister (DMH) of Codelco. This is the “Support Service for the Operation and Maintenance of the Electric System Mine and Plant, DMH”, to be carried out in the industrial premises of said division.

The project consists of the service of assets operation and maintenance of the electrical distribution system of medium and low tension that supply electric power to the areas of the mine and plant. Specifically, it contemplates the planning, programming and execution of maintenance and operational, predictive, preventive and corrective emergency attention. Likewise, the service will be in charge of reporting on SAP the continuous improvement through maintenance focused on reliability (RCM).

With this new contract, HighService Service consolidates its presence in DMH in the current electrical maintenance services in the areas of primary crushing, concentrating plant and complex roasting.

“We are proud to expand operations to the electrical systems of the mine and plant in Codelco’s Ministro Hales division, as it is a recognition of our experience, technical knowledge and service quality”, highlights Víctor Flores, sub-manager of studies and tenders.

HighService Service win electrical support and maintenance contract in Codelco´s Ministro Hales division2023-06-05T20:46:57-04:00

BHP highlights MIRS robotic solution

The company is a subsidiary of the HighService Corp holding, specializing in maintenance, technology, robotics, engineering and construction services for mining and heavy industry.

One of the largest mining companies in the world, BHP, published a report on MIRS´s Trommel Palmettes Robotic Manipulator  , which is installed and operative at Minera Escondida.

The robotic solution from MIRS performs, automatically and remotely, the replacement of the Trommel palmettes during programmed shutdowns of the SAG mill, improving the safety and productivity of the operations in the maintenance tasks.

“The robotic arm has benefits for safety and productivity. Workers are removed from potentially dangerous situations by changing the meshes of the trommel and also reduces the time of change of each mesh, “says Susan Lasecki, Head of Commercial Innovation, BHP Minerals Americas.

MIRS -Mining and Heavy Industry Robotics- is a leading Chilean company in development of robotic applications for the mining and heavy industries.

The company is a subsidiary of the HighService Corp holding, specializing in maintenance, technology, robotics, engineering and construction services for mining and heavy industry.

Review the BHP report:

Get to know the giant robotic arm of Escondida – an example of open innovation

To see how the robot works, click here

BHP highlights MIRS robotic solution2023-06-05T20:46:57-04:00

HighService Corp presented a portfolio of technological applications at Mapla-Mantemin 2018

The subsidiaries HighService Technology and MIRS announced emerging technologies in mining equipment maintenance and its impact on operations productivity and safety.

The participation of this innovation companies of the Chilean holding HighService Corp during the International Mining Maintenance Congress: Mapla-Mantemin 2018 attracted a great interest. These are the subsidiaries HighService Technology, specialized in technological solutions, and MIRS, leader in robotic solutions for mining and heavy industries.

Both companies unveiled their emerging technologies in mining equipment maintenance and its impact on tasks productivity workers safety. HighService Technology and MIRS have a proven track record in the mining market, with technological and robotic solutions operating in the main sites of Chile, Peru and the United States.

Predictive maintenance of blade valves using wireless sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms

As experts in technological innovation, HighService Technology has designed different sensors that are capable of measuring, with decimal precision, variables that affect the operation of mining equipment.

On the occasion, Faviola Molina, leader of the Artificial Intelligence Area of HighService Technology, presented the advances in the SensoValv device. This sensor identifies the state of opening or closing of guillotine valves, in addition to feeding algorithms of artificial intelligence that are the basis of the predictive and preventive system of failures.

“We have built several models that are based on real field data and simulations that run in our laboratory based on a network of physical models. At the moment, we have managed to predict the failure of a valve with a level of certainty over 82%. If you apply this system in the valve, you would obtain an additional availability of almost 40 hours a year”, explained the executive.

Robotic grinding maintenance SAG

For its part, MIRS gave an account of the work carried out with KUKA Robotics for more than 4 years, during which time it took on the challenge of bringing robots to the mechanical maintenance of SAG mills.

“We show the progress made in field tests in Antofagasta, from stage one, with a 40-mill SAG mill trommel on a real scale. We present a comparison of times, between the current situation of manual works versus the automated robotic process of changing palmettes”, said Mario Yañez, mechanical development engineer from MIRS, who detailed that the benefits of implementing robotics in this type of repetitive tasks are enormous.

“A standard of uniform quality in the installation of the palmettes is achieved, a drastic reduction of the times in global terms and an improvement of the safety and occupational health conditions in the operation, eliminating physical risks overloads to the workers”, said the MIRS specialist.

HighService Corp presented a portfolio of technological applications at Mapla-Mantemin 20182023-06-05T20:46:57-04:00

HighService Service won maintenance contract at Zaldívar

To offer spot support services, support and maintenance in plant.

Compañía Minera Zaldívar (CMZ) has just awarded a contract to HighService Service to provide support services during shutdown operations in the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and lubrication disciplines.

The service includes the dry areas (primary crushing, secondary crushing, tertiary crushing and stacking), as well as the wet area, the re-management and the Negrillar pumping stations. It also contemplates providing support in maneuvers with mobile and static equipment.

At the launch meeting, both companies agreed that the main goal of the service is to perform the work safely.

“We are very satisfied and proud that Minera Zaldívar has placed its trust in us as an integral and almost exclusive company for the development of these delicate operations,” says Óscar Jiménez, general manager of HighService Service.

HighService Service is a company of the HighService Corp holding, with extensive experience and recognized track record in Integral and highly specialized Maintenance, Assistance and Technical Services. Committed to the security and quality of their services, HighService Service works with Operational Excellence thanks to the development of its human capital and the incorporation of new technologies.

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