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HighService Engineering & Construction achieves one million hours without workplace accidents

The Chilean Safety Association officially certified this milestone, which validates the work on safety and occupational risk prevention developed by the company.

An important milestone reached HighService Engineering and Construction (HS), a company of the holding HighService Corp, reaching one million hours without work accidents with lost time.

The recognition was officially certified by the Chilean Security Association (ACHS), at a ceremony held in the corporate building of HighService Corp.

“This certification represents a great achievement for the company and is the product of a very clear commitment to improve the safety of our processes”, highlights HS General Manager, Israel González.

“It confirms that the resources available in terms of occupational risk prevention were effective and that we are on the right track to guarantee a service of operational excellence,” the executive added.

Constant effort

The achievement reflects the strict policy on prevention of occupational risks and the effort to improve the security developed by the company, through teamwork between its own departments and the Operational Area of the works.

“Safety is a constant effort that involves all the members of each work, and therefore, we work day by day with the work teams on safety issues, incorporating daily chats, active breaks and training, always with representative of their own workers “, explains Rebeca Cooper, Functional Manager of the company.

The main challenge in terms of mining safety is to continue to improve continuously, and incorporate new methodologies to raise awareness among workers about the importance of occupational health and risk prevention.

“We have a great challenge, since obtaining a million hours is not the end of the road, but rather a guarantee that we are moving in the right direction and an invitation to continue working,” says Rebeca Cooper.

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HighService Technology innovates with SensoSag

This technological application improves the predictive and preventive maintenance of the SAG Mill.

HighService Technology, a subsidiary company of the holding HighService Corp, presented its technological application SensoSag at the most important mining show in Latin America, Expomin. It´s about a sensor capable of measuring the impacts produced inside a mill.

SensoSag can interpret algorithms such as the wear of coatings, the dynamic behavior of the load in rotation and the presence of strange elements, among others. Its configuration is wireless and has a long service life (2 years) and online reportability (IoT).

The General Manager of the company, Guillermo Vidal Rudloff, explains in the following video this innovation that allows to improve the predictive and preventive maintenance of the SAG Mill.


HighService Technology innovates with SensoSag2023-06-05T20:46:58-04:00
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