MIRS won CAMCHAL´s 2014 Partner of the Year Award

The chilean company MIRS – Mining Industry Robotic Solutions – a worldwide pioneer in introducing robotic technology for the mining industry, has won the Chilean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry´s 2014 Partner of the Year Award. All the engineering for this highly sophisticated machinery is built in Chile, with the help of Kuka Robotics, German company and technology partner.
The award´s objective is to recognize and support companies with outstanding results in specific areas.

“We are very honored, happy and proud to receive this award from CAMCHAL, since it’s a prize won by prestigious companies in the past few years, and this says something about our work and our achievements. This moment definitely marks a significant milestone in the history of MIRS and of the HighService Holding.
As a chilean company, we are really proud of the results we gained in building and delivering robotic technology for the national and international mining industry, and this couldn´t be posible without the collaboration with Kuka Robotics.” Hugo Salamanca, HighService Corp. President
“MIRS excellently represents CAMCHAL´s values in terms of business practices, by searching advanced technology solutions and investing in innovation and technological development.” Cornelia Sonnenber, CAMCHAL General Manager.

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