HighService Technology - Servicios

We have developed different projects, which have added value for our customers; among them our collision avoidance systems for vehicles and our remote monitoring system of critical equipment wear.

Available systems and services

Sistema Sensor de Desgaste (SSD)

Smart Wear Sensor System (SWS)

This system allows remotely measuring and monitoring parts that suffer wear on some equipment, without stopping production or having to enter people or external devices. The wear at SAG mills coatings is monitored accurately reporting the progress and predicting with several weeks in advance critical wear points. Similarly, in feeders, the plates wear level is monitored, preventing an unexpected failure or an unscheduled stop.

Sistema Anticolisión para Vehículos Mina (FleetSafety)

Collision Avoidance System for Mining Vehicles (FleetSatfety)

Our system called Fleet Safety is an anti collision system for equipments that move in the mine. Haul trucks, support vehicles, light vehicles and all mobile are identified, warning their presence to other nearby vehicles. When any vehicle fronts another one, visual alerts and/or configurable sounds are emitted, helping to avoid collisions that may cause fatalities.

Sistema de Carguío Seguro (SCS)

Safe Loading System (SLS)

Safe loading system is a collision avoidance system designed specifically for the shovel and auxiliary vehicles, which can also be extended to haul trucks. This system provides warning and vision in 360 degrees to the operator of the shovel around its operating point, distinguishing equipment around and how close they are. In turn, equipment around the shovel knows by screen and sounds if that area is safe, since with the bucket or its counterweight.

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