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HighService Service wins maintenance contract at Minera Centinela

The project incorporates HST wireless technologies to improve security, optimize production and reduce the environmental impact of the site.

HighService Service (HSS), a subsidiary company of holding HighService Corp, was awarded with the contract “Provision of mechanical maintenance services and permanent programming and spots in areas of grinding, pebble belt circuit, regrind, concentrate and molybdenum plant “, in Minera Centinela, owned by the Antofagasta Minerals group (AMSA).

The project considers the programming and execution of mechanical maintenance in a preventive and corrective manner, as well as the scheduled electromechanical maintenance for the SAG and Bolas Mills engines.

“Antofagasta Minerals places its trust once again in our company, delivering the third contract after the electric and integral service in Minera Los Pelambres. This confirms that we are moving in the right direction and motivates us to continue improving our performance and quality of care “, says the General Manager of HighService Service, Óscar Jiménez.

Excellence and Innovation

As part of the company’s value proposition, the service will include the addition of SensoSag and SensoFlot, technologies patented by HighService Technology, another subsidiary of HighService Corp. These are wireless technologies with 100% online reportability, which allow us to measure impacts to the interior of the mill.

“The purpose is to improve the availability and reliability of the processes, backed by state-of-the-art technological tools and the contribution of a professional team that executes its activities with safety, quality and in the planned times,” says the executive.

The term of the contract is 36 months, starting on July 1, 2018, and includes an estimated staff of 52 for permanent service, and a peak of 150 employees for spot services.

Minera Centinela is an open pit mine that mainly produces copper and molybdenum concentrate, through a process of milling and flotation in the sulfide and copper cathode line using a solvent extraction and electro-winning process in the Oxides line.

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HighService Engineering & Construction won a new contract at MLP to build a drainage system

It´s about a drainage mechanism that uses a pumping system from the bottom of the mine to evacuate the water.

HighService Engineering and Construction (HS) won a new contract called “Dewatering, Installation of mine bottom drainage system” at Minera Los Pelambres (MLP), owned by Antofagasta Minerals (AMSA).

The initiative contemplates the implementation of a water management system from the bottom of the mine to a distribution chamber, using a water impulse system called Dewatering.

“The system is based on three vertical centrifugal pumps that activate a pumping mechanism in ponds to evacuate larger floods or empty the lagoon, and change the extraction bottom of the mine,” explains Israel González, HighService Engineering & Construction General Manager.

The company’s work will consist in the construction of a drive system for the evacuation of water accumulated from the bottom of the mine, to an intermediate tank, to operate in the new growth scenario of the mine.

The project will last for 7 months and the most important disciplines for its execution are mechanical and piping.

Minera Los Pelambres is an open pit mine mainly made of copper and molybdenum concentrate, located in the Andes mountain range, Salamanca district, in the IV Region of Coquimbo, between 3,000 and 3,500 meters above sea level.

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MIRS analyzed the scope of robotics to guarantee sustainable mining

The General Manager analyzes the technologies that will be key in the digital transformation of mining operations.

To analyze how robotics improves the sustainability of mining operations, the Chilean company MIRS, subsidiary of the holding HighService Corp, participated in the 5th International Codelco Mining Workshop, held within the framework of Expomin 2018.

MIRS General Manager, Javier Espinoza, talked at the seminar “Digital Transformation in Mining: the key to Sustainable Productivity”. During the occasion, the executive reviewed the technologies that will be key in the digital transformation of mining operations, analyzing case studies, as well as the challenges and risks associated with not incorporating them into the processes.

“The challenge of digital transformation goes beyond incorporating a technology into a particular process. It is about solving the most structural problem in the mining industry, which is to improve productivity along the entire value chain,” specified.

New models

During his presentation, the expert verified that the digital transformation emerges as an engine of radical change in the mining industry, providing unparalleled opportunities for the creation and capture of value in each of the stages of the process.

“Digitization changes the nature of operations and their interaction with employees, communities, government and the environment at every step of the value chain,” noted.

From exploration, through mineral processing and metal production, to sales and distribution, digitization opens the door to new commercialization models in mining operations, increasing transparency and sustainability of operations.

“Not only does it help to make it more profitable and make better decisions, but it also helps to empower employees and improve aspects such as their health and safety during work, reduces the risk of accidents and contributes to the protection of the environment, decreasing pollutant emissions and the generation of waste “, concluded Javier Espinoza.

MIRS analyzed the scope of robotics to guarantee sustainable mining2023-06-05T20:46:58-04:00
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