HighService Corp is an organization that provides highly specialized services for the Mining Industry, such as: Maintenance, Construction and Industrial Assembly in Electrical, Instrumentation and Technological Solutions areas. Our goal is to improve and preserve customers’ operational effectiveness.

HighService Corp is committed to deliver quality products and services to the market, protecting the physical integrity and health of all the organization’s members or all who work on behalf of it, preventing environmental pollution. The organization is committed to use continuous improvement as a management tool, emphasizing the following aspects:


The organization values and emphasizes people that work for it, understanding that their well-being is a key part of its success.

HighService Corp allocates and manages resources to keep all its operations free of accidents and occupational illnesses. The Security and Occupational Health principle is based on:

For HighService Corp, “Security is not a priority, it’s a value”

Therefore, it permanently develops specific programs based on Risk Prevention, so workers’ physical integrity and health is safeguarded through operational risks control. HighService Corp is committed to comply with the current legislation, organization’s and clients’ requirements.


For HighService Corp quality is a hallmark based on requirements and scopes fulfillment agreed with clients, in order to permanently add value to their business.


Para HighService Corp la calidad es una característica distintiva basada en el cumplimiento de los requisitos y alcances acordados con sus clientes, de modo de agregarles valor en forma permanente al negocio.

HighService Corp is committed to develop and permanently provide quality products and services, which meet clients’ needs and requirements.


HighService Corp: Acknowledges that alcohol abuse and illicit drugs use correspond to a risky behavior that negatively impacts job security. HighService Corp addresses the problem based on its vision and principles, focusing on people’s integral development and the value of life. Therefore, everyone is considered to be aware of assuming their rights, duties and responsibilities.

“Security is not a priority, it’s a value”

HighService Corp: In a preventive and committed context for our principle: “Safety is not a priority, is a value”, it promotes reflection on responsible drinking and smoking, as well as awareness of the associated risks to licit and illicit drugs consumption. These prevention strategies are oriented to reduce risk behaviors, consequently we will make sure that there is NO consumption while our workers are operating, nor in our organization’s facilities, and it’s our duty to protect the life and physical integrity of all our workers, as well as the facilities and infrastructures that make our operations possible.

HighService Corp: Considers possession, distribution, use, sale and traffic of alcohol and illicit drugs during work hours as a serious misconduct. These are reprehensible conducts, punished by the law and against our values, therefore, it is strictly forbidden to:

Enter or work into any facility, department and/or site under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
Non compliance with the current applicable legislation; the Mining Safety Regulation (D.S. 132) and the Order, Hygiene and Safety Internal Regulation.

HighService Corp: Will fulfill the current legislation…

HighService Corp: Will fulfill the current legislation and clients’ requirements and specially obligations and rights contemplated in articles: 1, 25, 31, 38 and 40 of the Mining Safety Regulation, supreme decree, 132. It will be able to carry out not announced inspections in its labors, permanence and living in the organization’s premises, controlling possession of alcohol, illicit drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, narcotics or substances that create dependence. Also, with the worker’s full knowledge, it could request randomly alcohol and drugs tests, medical evaluations and/or laboratory tests after accidents, significant incidents and when there is clear evidence of their use.

The employee’s refusal to undergo these tests, as well as testing positive is grounds for disciplinary sanctions and/or layoff, in compliance with the current applicable legislation, the Order, Hygiene and Safety Internal Regulation and the Mining Safety Regulation.