Welding Robots

A new project can lead a change in the automate industry in Chile. Chile is moving forward in the Robotics Field. At least that is the thought of Christian Fieldhouse, who is Engineer at Indura Company, which is one of the responsible for the project that made the welding robot (Kuka Brand) in the country.

This device specializes in all that welded parts concerned, and can be uses by any industry, such as: Automotive, Construction, Manufacturing, among many others. The robot not only means less production costs, but also hour of nonstop working, with highest precision.

“For many, the fact that the robot is faster or cheaper is not relevant. For example, companies that export a lot of manufactured goods to northern hemisphere, they have required us theses robots, because they are extremely concerned about the high quality standards required in the U.S or Europe”.

Technological Leap.

“It is a tremendous advance for Chile”, says Fieldhouse, whose company with Robotec Company and Kuka from Germany, nowadays presents their products to the press and potential clients”.

This is a project developed in Chile by national professionals, which shows a great progress in an area that was pending for a long time: The Robotic. “Many people think that everything related with robotic is so complicated, very rare and it is not viable in South America”, laments Fieldhouse, but he says “One of our main tasks is demystify this subject”.

The national industry is still very rudimentary, if we talk about robotics. Despite the efforts of Universidad de Chile and Universidad Federico Santa Maria, we are below Argentina, which has a growing industry sector.

“However, Chile has great potential, and already has the structure and the professional capacity needed to enter entirely in this field. We believe that we are inside of a growing market and we want to be pioneers in this area in the country” concludes Fieldhouse.

The Robot’s Arm is flexible and retractable, suitable for different types of operations. If the arm shrinks it measure is 1.60m, and if it stretches can reach 2.30m.

By Bernardo Rodriguez

Article from ELMERCURIO.cl Webpage

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