HighService Corp. at EXPOMIN 2016

April 25th to 29th took place the 14th edition of Expomin, the biggest and most important mining exhibition in Latin America and one of the biggest in the world.
The Chilean Espacio Riesco Venue hosted more than 80.000 visitors coming from 36 countries, focused on what´s new for the mining industry. The event was a huge opportunity in order to generate contact networks and to learn about the newest technologies from the best professionals.
HighService had it´s own showroom, a 70 square meters stand, displaying the best from it´s four companies: HighService Service, HighService Eng&Construction, MIRS and HighService Technology. The holding also exhibited the newest versión of the Attrition Sensor System and an interactive map with all it´s projects, since the begginings of HighService Corp.
“To HighService Corp, participating Expomin is an opportunity of getting closer to our customers. An event with such international visibility allows us to show our latest technological innovations in mining productivity and efficiency. Besides that, we took advantage of the international environment and released our newest offices in Peru and United States.” Hugo Salamanca, HighService Holding President.

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