HS Engineering & Construction

HS Engineering & Construction is a company of HighService Corp’s holding focused on Industrial Assembly, field projects management services, technical inspection of works and medium sized Engineering Development.

It comprises professionals from various disciplines: engineers, planners and senior technicians who work as a team to deliver the best economic and technical solution for projects within the national industry.

HS Engineering & Construction is committed to deliver quality products and services to the market, protecting the physical integrity and health protecting the physical integrity and health of all those who make up the organization or work on its behalf.

It is committed to use continuous improvement as a management tool, emphasizing the aspects of SECURITY, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH and QUALITY.

Our SIG integrated management model has been implemented within our organization, allowing HS Engineering & Construction to establish the balance required between the production processes, health and safety of our workers. We know that the processes must be independent from people, this is why we have specific procedures, ranging from administrative processes to operative processes, whether for a particular work or for the control of a project as a whole.

Our company is oriented to provide the following services:

  • Technical Inspection.
  • Industrial Assembly (Civil Works, Electrical, Instrumentation, Piping, Mechanical and Structure).
  • Pre commissioning.
  • Commissioning.

Our Customers

Control automático Motores Anillo, Accionamiento Eléctrico Motores Anillo, Overhaul molinos SAG, Servicios Motores Anillo, Desgaste revestimientos molinos, Servicios Molinos SAG, Sistema anticolisión, Mantenimiento Plantas Mineras, Equipos criticos de Procesos, Limpieza Crinogenica, Tecnologia minería, Montaje industrial, Precomisionamiento, Comisionamiento.