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Mining Minister heads inauguration of our corporate building

With the participation of the mining minister, Aurora Williams, and other important authorities, we inaugurated our new corporate building and also celebrated MIRS 10th anniversary.

The minister led the ceremony on behalf of President Michelle Bachelet, reading a letter in in which the head of the country congratulated the company, HighService and its related companies, “for working in the development of solutions and services for mining, and for being a pioneer in the development of robotics applied to the extractive industry in Chile and worldwide”.

The authority also stated that the “government promotes and will continue to support addressing the productivity challenges of the industry through the generation of greater innovation, and in an associative manner -with multi-stakeholder dialogue- between industry, suppliers, academia and the State”.

The new corporate building has a remote monitoring center that tracks online all the equipment installed abroad (Argentina, Brazil and Peru), as well as the operations of the factories in Santiago with exclusive dedication to manufacturing and assembly.

The new office is located at Av. Presidente Kennedy Lateral 6660. We are waiting for you!

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