Members of the Parity Committee of Health and Safety from Industrial Support Company Ltd. (HighService), led by Luis Sepúlveda (CPHS President) and company team workers carried out a homevist to the “Netherlands Special School“.

The visit was with the purpose of inspecting the electrical installation’s conditions in every classroom, workshop and offices. The outcome of the previous inspection revealed a number of needs, such as repairing plugs, change of lighting and need for new electrical installations. When the inspections finished, a campaign was undertook to buy all the materials needed to repair the abnormalities found.

During this same visit, some initiatives to carry out were born: “Talks about Electrical Safety at Home” and the “Children’s day celebration” (August 9th, 2009). The talks will be monthly meetings aimed to Parents, aunts, teachers and all the students from the school.

The initiative of the “Children’s Day” celebration, which took place on August 7th,2009 , consisted in that each worker in a gesture of solidarity did deliver a bag with candies and drinks for each child in the “Netherlands Special School“, this fact was realized on August 6th,2009 by workers from HighService who sharing with the children for hours.

Written by David A. Berrios
Contract Engineer Manager

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