HighService is an organization that provides Industrial Assembly, Construction and Maintenance highly specialized services in the Electrical and Instrumentation and Technological Solutions areas for mining, with the objective of improving and preserving its clients’ operational effectiveness.

HighService commits to deliver quality products and services to the market, protecting health and physical integrity of all the organization members or who work on behalf of it, preventing environmental pollution. The organization is committed to use continuous improvement as a management tool, emphasizing the following aspects:


The organization values and emphasizes the people who make it, understanding that their welfare is an essential part of success. HighService allocates and manages resources to maintain its operations free of accidents and professional illnesses. The Safety and Occupational Health principle is based upon:

For HighService: “Security is not a priority, it’s a value

Because of this, it is constantly developing specific programs based on Risk Prevention, in order to safeguard workers’ physical integrity and health through operational risks control. HighService is committed to comply with current legislation, requirements of the organization and its customers.


The commitment is to respect and comply with environmental legislation, the requirements of the organization and its clients. HighService prevents environmental pollution in its operations; environment is a value, a heritage of all and everyone interacting with it.


To HighService quality is a hallmark based on the fulfillment of the requirements and scope agreed with its customers, so as to add value to their business permanently.

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