“A good sampling is obviously very desirable and has great economic importance, but the negative impact of a bad product sampling is almost always invisible” Dominique Francois-Bongarco. With this quote, Igor Elías, MIRS S.A. General Manager, successfully concluded MI Robotic Sampler´s launching.
MI Robotic Sampler´s launch, event that brought together experts from multiple environments, such as mining and engineering companies, trade associations and mining industry consultants, has totally impressed the audience. The guests declared to be very thankful for participating such an event, admiting that Robotic Technology “is here to stay”, being a great opportunity for the mining companies to overcome the industry´s challenges and to increase productivity and competitiveness at lower costs.
MIRS S.A., a HighService Corp company, leader in advanced robotic technology for the mining industry, expert in designing and developing solutions for all of mining´s areas and processes, organized the demonstration, showing two different completely assembled and running robotic systems, ready to be packaged and delivered to the companies that have ordered these units as part of a modernization and competitiveness upgrowth process.
Besides showing the application´s benefits and step by step implementation, the launching also featured a talk called “The benefits of a great measuring system in the mining industry”, held by Magali Campos, Campos Menichetti & Suarez Director.
Thanks to the event´s success, a re-organization is being evaluated for Thursday, November 19th.

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