November 19th took place the first Risk Management Day for HighService – Metso Consortium, as a request of Hugo Salamanca, the Consortium President.
The initiative gathered board members and executives of Gabriela Mistral Division and was focused on analyzing the safety performance and results of the first 17 months of the project, in order to identify the main directions of the Consortium´s Risk Management Plan for 2016.
Rekrea´s Samuel Chavez was recognized for it´s contribution in the mining industry, while Codelco´s Christian Gaete received recognition for the smooth collaboration with the Constortium when it comes to field work. Also, Patricio Córdova, Luis Gutiérrez, Alejandra Molina, Freddy Huaylla, Cristian Tapia, Willy Jofré, Hector Mancilla, all part of HighService – Metso Consortium, were rewarded for outstanding work in Risk Management.
The event also featured different talks, such as “Road to Zero Damage”, “Operational discipline and Deviations Management” and workshops such as Pillars of the Consortium´s Risk Management Plan.

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