Project Description

Mirs Mining & Heavy Industry Robotics

Molymet y Molynor, Sierra Gorda SCM, Molyb Filial CODELCO, Potrerillos Division El Salvador – CODELCO 


The robotic collector of concentrate samples is a robot that controls a tool specially designed by MIRS to collect concentrate samples from maxibags or trucks without changing the properties of the load or the sample, not requiring human intervention.

The robot is essential for big concentrators –even if they sell to related companies- as well as smelters because it guarantees a systematic sampling. Manual sampling processes have a potential of bias –be it voluntary or not- and are unsafe for persons.

MIRS developed and commissioned its robotic collector of concentrate samples for Molymet and Molynor, Which Belong to the world’s biggest molybdenum producer, as well as Sierra Gorda, an important producer of moly concentrates in northern Chile. Two other projects for Codelco (Molyb moly concentrate processor and Potrerillos smelter) are currently being manufactured.

For molybdenum concentrates, which is stored in maxibags, the robot is mounted on a pedestal and the big bags move along a conveyor. For copper concentrates, which are transported to the smelter on truck, the robot is mounted on a linear displacement device to be able to reach the whole load volume.