Project Description

HighService Eng & Construction

Sierra Gorda SCM Mining

Year 2014:
Duration 9 months

Electricidad, Mecánica, Instrumentación, Piping.

Man Hours:


Electrical Assembly and Instrumentation

  • Takeoffs
  • Electrical plumbing and duct bank
  • Stringing of conductors
  • Connections
  • Equipment Assembly (Boards, CCM, Switchgear, Luminaries, Converters, Heat Tracing, Lightning Conductors, Elevators)
  • Instrument Assembly
  • Equipment Grounding
  • Medium Voltage Cables Assembly and Testing (Power masts and Hipot)


Precom – Electrical
Comprehensive checks, schematic diagrams check, loop diagrams check, electrical motors tests and commissioning, conveyor belts system tests and commissioning, MT and BT’s CCM tests and commissioning.

Precom – Instrumentation

  • Comprehensive check
  • Loop diagrams check
  • Commissioning, check and calibration of analogue, discreet and digital instrumentation (field buses).
  • Support for tests and commissioning of distributed control and PLC´s.
  • Commissioning of control valves, ON-OFF valves; temperature, level, flow, PH transmitters, etc.
  • Equipment calibration and setting

Punch List


Personnel Support for the Customer in all Plant’s commissioning and Setting up activities.