A robotic system developed by the Chilean company has already sampled more than 2,500 trucks: 50,000 samples, obtained from 75,000 tons of ore.

MIRS, a Chilean company specialized in the development of robotic solutions for the mining and heavy industries, has just started the second phase of the robotic project at the port terminal of Impala Terminals, located in Collao, Peru.

To date, more than 2,500 trucks have been sampled by this technology, called MI Robotic Sampler, which allows automating a process that is usually done manually. Its main advantage is that it enables the accurate extraction of representative and incorruptible mineral samples, eliminating error and cross-contamination. In addition, it is a safer and more transparent process, both for producers and for buyers and intermediaries.

“The objective of this second stage is to extend the capabilities of the robotic system to be able to sample concentrates with high moisture content and in trucks of different formats,” says  Javier Espinoza, general manager al MIRS.

The general manager of Impala Terminals Peru, Cristiaan Landeo, stressed that the first stage concluded in an optimal way: “The robots are already installed and operating successfully. In addition, we are working in parallel with the traditional system and the robotic system to compare them, and the results have been very good, according to what we expected “.

MI Robotic Sampler is a fully automated sampling, packaging and labeling system, with four robotic arms capable of taking, in just a few minutes, representative samples on trucks loaded with copper concentrate, molybdenum, cobalt, zinc or lead.

MIRS is a subsidiary of the holding company HighService Corp, specializing in maintenance, technology, robotics, engineering and construction services for mining and heavy industry.