The project will provide operational continuity to the site, ensuring availability, maintenance and security in the provision of supply.

HighService Engineering and Construction (HS), a subsidiary of the HighService Corp holding, won a new contract at Minera Centinela, owned by the mining group Antofagasta Minerals (AMSA).

As explained by the HS General Manager, Israel González, the contract consists of the engineering, supply and construction of a new 23 kV line from the Esperanza Substation to the northern sector of the Espejo Rajo Mine, to ensure the operational continuity of the site.

The total length of the line will be of the order of 8,145 meters, including the assembly of 133 concrete posts, six tubular and 18 reticulated towers.

“The objective is to give operational continuity to the exploitation of the open pit mine, during the period between 2019 and 2026, ensuring the operation, availability, maintenance and safety in the provision of electric power,” explained the general manager of HSIC.

The project, called “Contract EPC Construction Loop Electric Mine Rajo Esperanza”, will last 300 days and the critical activities that it encompasses are detailed engineering, geodetection, supply, construction and testing.