“Chilean mining is innovative but with well-proven technology”

The main challenges as a mining technology and innovation company in Chile and how the company handles them given the characteristics of the business, was the main theme with which

HighService Corp participated at the Mining Forum of the VII Economic Chile -Germany Conference 2016: On The Way To Industry 4.0, organized by the Chilean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

At the event, the subsidiary HighService Technology analyzed the main challenges they face as a company that currently is innovating in a very particular market: the mining industry.

HighService Technology General Manager, Guillermo Vidal, spoke about the management system of the main innovation companies of the group (HighService Technology and MIRS) and explained the context of delivering technology and innovation services and products for mining processes. He also talked about the main obstacles and how the company optimizes its processes to deliver a more defined and resolved service to its customers.

Regarding the management of HighService in this area, he indicated that “we do all the possible tests so that our clients minimize the AIR (ambiguity, uncertainty and risk) of putting new products into their production processes. With that goal we make a strategy as powerful and attractive as possible, in order to bring the most proven products possible to the field”.

The VII Chile-Germany 2016 Economic Conference: On The Way To Industry 4.0. – Challenges and opportunities for Chile – is one of the most relevant events of the Chilean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The 2016 version focused on the areas of Innovation, Technology Transfer, Smart Mining and Human Capital, thus facing the challenges in the “year of productivity”.