The subsidiary of HighService Corp holds a record of zero accidents in 19 years.

HighService Service (HSS), subsidiary of the holding HighService Corp, managed to improve the operational availability of Minera Los Pelambres, owned by the Chilean group Antofagasta Minerals, thanks to a quality maintenance policy implemented by a human group with more than 20 years of experience.

HighService Service has been working with Minera Los Pelambres for 19 years. In 2017, an integral crushing contract was awarded, which includes all the specialties, which was added to the current contracts for electrical execution and instrumentation.

“We have a strong commitment, which translates into our ongoing search for continuous improvement, both our processes and procedures and our equipment and services,” explains HighService Service Operations Manager Mario Arros.

For his part, the Maintenance Manager of Los Pelambres, Ivo Fadic Gálvez, highlights the importance of having “a partner connected to the business challenges of the company, especially in aspects of safety, labor relations, communities and productivity”.


HSS also stands out for another milestone: it reached a zero accident rate with time lost in 19 years of contractual relationship with the mining company. According to Arros, behind this figure there is a policy of prevention of occupational risks based on knowledge, training and surveillance in the field.

“This area is reinforced, especially in the eventual equipment, since they are workers who move occasionally to the site. We work with prevention of occupational hazards, inductions, training of workplaces and prioritize teamwork, “he says.

HighService Service has 86 fixed operators in the concentrator plant and 96 in the Los Pelambres crushing plant. In addition, it transfers between 300 and 400 workers in the eventual maintenance service every six months.