For the commitment and tools implementation delivered during the program Competences Management.

Highservice es distinguida por Minera Los Pelambres

Los Pelambres Mining, as part of the operational integrity process, and with the objective to contribute to the control of incidents with people and operations, at the end of the year 2009, began to develop the competence management process, including part of its collaborating companies defined according to their risk level.

In this instance, 19 companies participated in the program, receiving diverse tools to generate a model for their company. Among them, Highservice was one of the six recognized companies during the last extended Sustainability Committee for the shown commitment in adopting and implementing the developed model.

This is a big recognition, because it was one of the lines of work that we defined in this period. Our management is based in what people do, we are a service company and the achievements that we may reach in different areas, is performed by our people. It is a key element, that of course, we must keep developing in time”, commented Boris Astete, Project Manager of Sodexo company. On the other hand, Manuel Bascuñán, Contract Manager of HighService company remarked on “competence management is a daily topic. Today in the market exists a high request for professionals that leads us to being constantly updating the whole system”.

It should be noted that this program, that manages the lifting of competences for key positions, gap identification, generation of action plans and fulfillment of commitments, will continue during this year 2012 with the participation of new collaborating companies.

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