HighService Corp subsidiary will execute industrial assembly works, as established in the agreement that came into effect this month

HighService Engineering & Construction (HSIC), a subsidiary of the holding HighService Corp, announced the award of a new contract at Minera Los Pelambres (MLP), owned by the Chilean group Antofagasta Minerals (AMSA).

The contract, called ‘Service bottlenecks P&G Plant Stage II’, came into force in February and includes industrial assembly work, mainly mechanics and structure.

The agreement includes the following works: make modifications to the material transport equipment for the Gravel Plant, modify the chutes, repower the engines, change the transmission and incorporate frequency variators in the belts that feed the crushers.

HighService Engineering & Construction General Manager, Israel González, highlighted the confidence that Los Pelambres has placed in the company, assuring that: “This new contract, with one of the most important mining site in the country, comes to support the work carried out by HighService Engineering and Construction in a working relationship with experience, and motivates us to continue improving the service we provide in mining and other industries. ”

Los Pelambres ranks sixth in production nationwide and is the seventh largest copper producer in the world. The company operates since the end of 1999 in the province of Choapa, Coquimbo Region, with a processing capacity of 210 thousand tons per day of ore.