2016, March: HS Engineering & Construction, company of HighService Corp focused on industrial assembly, field projects management, technical inspection and medium-sized engineering development, started the OGP1 Pre-operations project (in electricity, instrumentation, mechanics and piping). OGP1, also known as Organic Growth Project 1 is Minera Escondida – BHP Billiton´s new plant concentrator.
“At first, we were in charge with the Pre-operation process for specific plant equipments and systems but, meanwhile, we received the opportunity to also run the installation of the systems in case, in areas such as electricity, instrumentation, mechanics and piping. So we achieved a peak point of about 610 proffessionals working in Pre-operations, Commissioning and Construction. HighService Service and A&CA (highly specialized in Testing, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Maintenance entity) lended us a very useful hand” César Sandoval Ogaz, General Manager.
Besides that, for the Minera Escondida project, HighService was involved in the Pre-commissioning and construction of the electricity, instrumentation, mechanics and piping of OGP1´s conveyors, ball mills, SAG mills, flotation cells, lime plant, thickeners, holding tanks etc.
During the OGP1 project, HighService invested about five hundred thousand man hours, which makes it, toghether with 2014 Sierra Gorda SCM´s Electrical Installation and Instrumentation, one of the biggest projects delivered by HS Engineering & Construction.

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