Our company participated in the largest business meeting of the mining sector of technological innovation in mining at international level, together with the delegation of ProChile, making known all the experience, projects and innovation through the different companies of the group: HighService Service, HighService Eng & Construction, MIRS and HighService Technology.

The event, which this year was held in  Las Vegas, United States, showcase the latest advances and technological innovations in the field, attracting a truly international audience that represents the main mining regions worldwide.

The main objective of the Highservice Corp stand was to raise awareness of the company’s technological innovation in mining sector, through MIRS robotic applications, which covers the broad spectrum of processes in the mining industry with consolidated products, designed to increase productivity and reduce operational costs. The company was represented by Hugo Salamanca (President), Francisco Salamanca (Vice President of Business Development), Oscar Jiménez (Commercial Vice President), Javier Espinoza (General Manager MIRS), Tom Gabardi (Vice President Americas by MIRS) and Ana María Miclea (Marketing Deputy Manager).