This annual distinction recognizes the companies HighService Service and Consorcio, HighService Engineering and Construction, HighService Technology and MIRS for achieving effective results in safety and prevention of occupational risks.

The National Security Council recognized holding HighService Corp´s subsidiaries, in a ceremony held in the Hall of Honor of the Autonomous University of Chile.

This is an annual distinction that recognizes companies that achieved effective results in the prevention of occupational hazards in their category, through the statistical indices of 2017.

“These awards are the result of a great commitment and understanding that safety of each of the team members is an intransible value in the company,” said Hugo Salamanca, President and Founder of HighService Corp.

Specifically, HighService Corp won 12 awards in different categories, highlighting the award “National Security Council” and “Excellence in Risk Prevention”. By company, HighService Service obtained six awards and the HSS-Metso One Consortium, HighService Engineering and Construction received three awards, and the innovation companies HighService Technology and MIRS a recognition respectively, after achieving the lowest Frequency Rate in their categories.

The National Security Council is a non-profit corporation that aims to promote the prevention of occupational risks and raise awareness of the need to prevent accidents and occupational diseases in different industrial activities.