The service considers technical assistance and support to the Chuquicamata A2 Concentrator Plant and personnel training for the electric drive operation of the ring motors.

A & CA was awarded for the fourth time in a row the contract “Technical assistance service Gearless SAG 16 SAG 17 and Fifth Mill Concentrator Management”, with Codelco -Chuquicamata Division.

It is a service with a high level of specialization in the three Siemens GMD technology drives of the A2 Concentrator Plant in Chuquicamata. It consists of providing technical assistance and support to the concentrator plant in the activities of planning, inspection, fault diagnosis, repair and training of personnel related to the operation of the electric drive of the Ring – Mill SAG and Quinto Molino Motors.

The execution of the service requires a high standard of quality and efficiency, in order to ensure the operational continuity of the concentrator plant. It includes in field programmed technical assistance tasks; emergency care, to assist the solution of an unscheduled failure; technical Hot-Line support, to assist technically-remotely- the solution of a failure or unscheduled work; staff training in the field; and technical cleaning of the ring motor if necessary. Additionally, it includes the external cleaning service and sealing of the rotor and stator.