HighService Mantenimiento


Our technical capacity and experience for more than 16 years cover: Maintenance Engineering processes, Planning,Programming, Allocation and Execution of the symptomatic maintenance, preventive and corrective tasks, which allow us to provide services such as:

Process Plant Maintenance Services

  • Integral Asset specialties in Mechanics, Electrical and Instrumentation Plant: Crushing, Concentrator, Molybdenum, Hydrometallurgy and Tailings.
  • Specialized and of operation in high and medium voltage Electrical Systems, Power Lines, Fixed and Mobile Substations, Electrical Rooms and Mining customers generators.
  • Specialized and of operation in high and medium voltage Electrical Systems, with lines assets, substations and Electrical Rooms of Mining customers.
  • Of platforms and communication networks Distributed Control System (DCS) of mining processes or Integrated Operating Room Mining Operations Center (MECC).

Assets Management and Reliability Engineering Services

Our professional team in each service, according to customers’ needs and their management system (SAP, ELLIPSE, D.J. Edwards) offers:

  • Support and/or develop Listed and Unlisted Assets Management.
  • Manage and optimize physical assets life cycle costs of plants in operation through Reliability Engineering and Simulation tools.
  • Apply the Reliability Engineering and Simulation tools, in the design stage of new projects and/or plants extensions for selecting the best feasible implementation choice.
  • Maintainability and Reliability study, in order to ensure that the design parameters of the assets are met through life cycle, through the maintenance of equipment and facilities.
  • Procedures and Matrix Planning Development.
  • Training Plan.
  • Technical Maintenance Audits.

Specialized Consulting Services and Electrical Systems Studies

HighService provides specialized services in electrical systems with teams of experts led by external consultants of vast experience, focusing in:

  • Electrical Risks Awareness.
  • Electrical Standards Audit.
  • Electric Arc Studies and Medium Voltage Cables Tests.
  • Starting System Assessment and Medium Voltage Electric Motors behavior.
  • Power Flow Studies, Short and Electrical Protection Coordination System.
  • Power Supply Quality.

Specialized Mechanical Consulting Services in Critical Process Equipment

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